Keep an eye out for CHARLES LOTT

Few actors get to claim their first big acting role was alongside a seasoned professional like Ben Affleck.  Charles Lott, an up and coming actor, is one of those few; he stars alongside Affleck in the upcoming film Torrance about an ex-basketball star’s struggle with his past alcoholism as he coaches his alma mater’s basketball team.  The film, a classic in the making, allowed Lott to gain wisdom both from his experience on the film and his relationship with Affleck.

“Oh my gosh, it’s so crazy because at first when I found out that he had joined the cast, it was amazing.  Now that I’ve really gotten to know him, I wouldn’t want anybody else for my first movie to talk to. He helped me out a lot, and just taught me perseverance.  You know, you have to wait your turn, and in this business, especially when you’re trying to get more roles, you’re going to get more No’s than Yes’s. You’ve got to be patient and just weather the storm.  I talked to him all the time, and he talked to me about writing and directing, and it’s just amazing to get to pick the brain of an A-lister,” Lott said.

Read the rest of the story here…..

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