Is the Disposable Camera Instagram the New Finsta?

GIgi Hadid

Every now and then there comes a trend that hits social media and disrupts our understanding of how to use a particular app. When it comes to Instagram, you are probably on familiar terms with the concept of a “finsta.” It’s nothing new, people have been using finstas—or fake Instagrams—for years at this point to conjure up a semblance of privacy on the app. But there’s a different kind of “finsta” out there right now that is seemingly taking Instagram by storm.

This new type of finsta is not a fake Instagram, but a film Instagram. Instead of creating a private burner account that nobody can see, and instead of using an app like Huji, which is essentially just a filter that gives an Instagram photo the appearance of a picture taken with a disposable camera, people are going the extra mile to purchase a disposable camera, take the photos, develop the photos, and then scan them to their phones for an entirely separate public account.

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