Why Moji Short Baba decided to go Solo

Moji Short Baba made a good decision to go solo

I find Moji Short Babaa’s musical approach interesting. Despite being a gospel singer, he infuses elements of satire in his songs and you’ll just find yourself laughing.

Perhaps this is why he stands apart from other gospel singers. He is unapologetically himself even in his music.

When word went round that he had parted ways with his fellow artist, Silvanus Otieno alias Didi, his fans weren’t even worried since they knew he had it him.

Two years down the line, Moji has proven them right. His star has continued to shine even after leaving Kelele Takatifu and this say a lot about him.

Moji Short Babaa

Actually, people claim that he’s even more productive now that he is a solo artist since he does not have to consult before he makes a decision.

If you compare his output over the last two years with what he did when he was still a member of Kelele Takatifu, you’ll see the difference. It’s quite.

He has also grown his brand. Apart from music, the funny singer is now trying out his hand in media as a contributor on Talk Central on K24.

Listen to his latest single dubbed Unabore below.

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