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The Instagram Documenting the Style of Nollywood’s Golden Age

@nolly.babes Nolly Babes Instagram Nollywood

A picture of Nollywood bad boy Jim Iyke in a zebra-print suit. Another of Nollywood femme fatale Rita Dominic wearing a wedding gown and holding a gun. These are the kind of images you’ll find on @nolly.babes, an account dedicated to immortalising some of the most iconic scenes from Nigerian cinema, dating from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Anonymously run, the account doesn’t only appeal to the generation who witnessed this era first-hand, but a new, younger generation too – both in Nigeria and across the globe. As well as the images, there are the captions which have a smart, socially progressive and often comedic, bent.

Here, Another Mag speaks to the two sisters behind Nolly Babes on what inspired them to start the account, their favourite scenes from old Nollywood movies, and what the platform means to them personally.

@nolly.babes Nolly Babes Instagram Nollywood
@nolly.babes Nolly Babes Instagram Nollywood

Read the whole interview here;

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