YEEZY LIVING – Your First Look At The Yeezy Cave Homes Rendering

Named the Yeezy Living an updated dwelling which supplies the functions one would like to have in housing ranging from GoKarting to Recording Studios. Kanye sought a local team to drive his initial ideas into a developed concept.

Kanye Notes in a recent interview with GQ “When I visited the Tadao Ando Art Island [in 2018], there were three James Turrells next to each other and I said, “We need to live in a Turrell.” The funny thing is, the first time I ever talked to Turrell on the phone was the night I ended the Saint Pablo Tour. And the last thing I ever said on that tour was, “The show’s over.” Which felt like my mom talking through me.”

As Kanye as put it “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the Yeezy Living will be”.


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