Things to Do in Self-Isolation: Taio dennis’s Guide

Photographer/cinematographer Taio dennis shares what’s getting him through isolation from becoming more extroverted to reading Rachel Carson’s silent spring

In this segment System will be publishing what creatives have been doing to cop with isolation over the coming weeks hopefully to get you through the isolation period. Here Photographer /cinematographer Taio dennis shares what’s getting him through isolation from the Grateful Dead to reading Rachel Carson’s silent spring

Taoi – First and foremost, isolation is making my personality more extroverted. Before quarantine days I took pride in my introversion, but as a result of my limited social connection, I find myself being more open and expressive in direct messages and emails without thinking twice. I also have made more calls than I can remember in the past week alone, and before, I never called people. It’s empowering, being more open and supportive with others and in that regard, I’m grateful for this experience. I’ve become a lot better equipped at practicing with all bits of my life transitioning online.

I’ve never in my life been a Deadhead, but these are radical, transformative days. I’ve been able to check out music by legendary bands such as Queen and the beetles and also John Lennon . Even so, the music’s gently loping tempos, daydreamy tunefulness, air of yearning, and only occasional pangs of paranoia have proved well suited for lockdown. Also I’ve been able to watch some movies and series which I never thought I’d watch, the Grateful Dead movie isnt that bad after all . To my surprise I loved these retro movies , and that’s taking almost 3/4 of my isolation time.Also I’ve been able to practice and perfect my art by watching YouTube tutorial and hopefully after this tragedy I’m going to create magic since I’ve got a lot of content in mind and new skills as well. I’ve also been reading some chronological mystery stories .My favourite is The Blind Man of Seville. He is all about war time and bringing it back to modern-day Europe and stuff. This week I’ve been transfixed to this book by Rachel Carson called silent spring . It’s quit interesting .

Silent Spring, Rachel Carson, 1962 | National Museum of American ...

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