Michael Soi’s take on Covid-19

Nairobi pretty Nose contest 2

Michael Soi, one of the prominent artists in East Africa whose work revolves around social commentary, has released a series of paintings to spread the message of social distancing and hygiene to prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

Working during the lockdown, which has now lasted more than a month, Soi has been producing these illustrations and paintings in his cartoon-esque styles .

Soi draws inspiration from contemporary life in Nairobi.

The work is provocative , entertaining and more importantly educative , below is a few of the works that he has been sharing on the social media platforms:

Nairobi pretty nose contest

Wonder women
Nairobi Olympic trials 2020
No country for Black folk
Mr. Constable
No Title
Married People 3

Images Courtesy of Michael Soi

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