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Kanye’s Yeezy Gap “Catalogue” Leaks


Giving us an unofficial look at Kanye West’s upcoming partnership.

Following his announcement earlier this year, a first look at Kanye‘s anticipated Yeezy partnership with Gap has surfaced. The unofficial information teases a handful of items that are rumored to be featured in the range, including West’s polarizing foam shoe as well as hoodies, tees and bags.

Despite prices and item descriptions being copy/pasted throughout the potential imagery, information like colors and washes have been explained in detail. We’re seeing pieces like natural denim jeans, a “Supply” hoodie as a nod to the rapper’s YEEZY SUPPLY, as well as the “Transporter Bag,” all which we’ve seen glimpses of through Kanye’s Twitter this year.

Although there’s yet no official release information available, we’re expecting to see a wide range of products as Gap has high production scope and West has previously spoken about making his collections widely accessible. Keep your eyes peeled as any more information surrounding the YEEZY x Gap collaboration.

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