Andile Dyalvane : On How Gratitude (‘camagu’, in isiXhosa) Informs His Work.

“Being raised in the rural Eastern Cape, my journey toward art may have subliminally been influenced by elder brothers and their creative outlets – reggae music and interests in painting. I’d sketch through lessons at primary school, and kids would commission me to redraw diagrams of creatures for biology and so on. When I arrived in Cape Town, a friend spotted me sketching, and he guided me to the College of Cape Town’s Gugulethu Campus to study art. I was blown away during excursions to museums, galleries and studios in the city. My majors were ceramics and graphic design, and I went on to work at The Potter’s Workshop. I was able to attend a five-week residency exchange in Denmark and a scholarship to study ceramics at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I returned to the Cape to rent a corner at The Potter’s Workshop. With some of my varsity peers, we founded Imiso Ceramics Gallery in 2006.”

Read full article here :

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