Here is What we Know About Apple’s Ambitious Car Project!

An iCar? iTruck? Either way, Apple is delving head-first into the automotive industry and is developing a self-driving car, which is reportedly “similar to Tesla.”

According to a report from Digitimes, the tech giant has partnered with TSMC, a Taiwanese company that produces semiconductors, to develop autonomous driving chips for self-driving Apple cars.

Apple and TSMC have an extensive relationship, with the company manufacturing the A-series chips used in the iPhone and iPad, as well as the new Apple Silicon chips used in the Mac. Interestingly, Tesla is also believed to be working with TSMC on its forthcoming self-driving chip. Digitimes also mentions that the “Apple Car model is similar to Tesla.”

Apple is also reportedly exploring the possibility of setting up factories in the United States and has been recruiting a squadron of various senior executives and engineers from the automotive industry, including experts from Tesla.

Sources suggest that Apple is expecting to unveil its vehicles in 2024-2025.

via : Highsnobiety

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