Pope Francis’ Instagram Account Caught Liking Another Model’s Photo

It appears Pope Francis’ Instagram account has once again been caught out liking a scantily clad model’s photograph, with the ‘like’ mystery continuing to unfold.

Why exactly self-professed ‘tiddy queen’ Margot Foxx, who produces risqué content on OnlyFans, was picked out from the flock at this most holy time of year remains to be seen.

Interestingly, the @franciscus account – which has over 7.5 million followers – doesn’t actually follow any other accounts. Not even the official Jesus Christ Superstar account. So it’s clear whoever is in charge of Pope Francis’ account would have had to type Foxx’s name in the search bar.


A screenshot of the like – awarded to a pic showing Foxx in a tight black swimsuit – has begun circulating on social media, with a surprised Foxx tweeting, ‘hey thats me’.

This isn’t the first time the account has been clocked liking a model’s Instagram pic. Last month, the Holy See reportedly requested that Instagram conduct an investigation after the account ‘liked’ a photo of Brazilian model and streamer Natalia Garibotto.

In the racy photo, Garibotto could be seen wearing lingerie resembling a school uniform, with a fair bit of her bottom on show.


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