Your Girl Rihanna is Working on a Caribbean Cookbook

“At first it was strange because I am not used to being still, but during quarantine you have no choice but to be still,” Rihanna told Closer magazine. “Then you start to realize during lockdown you are stuck there with your own thoughts and your imagination and it really helped my creativity blossom.”

That said, it turns out all that extra time in the kitchen has also inspired her to compile some of her favorite Caribbean recipes into a cookbook that she can now share with fans.

Granted, while she didn’t reveal much more about her new project, Rihdid go on to talk about the types of food she craves. And her favorites? Well, in addition to loving “food from [her] Barbadian roots” and “a lot of fresh fish,” she also has a soft spot for comfort foods (and a little booze, of course), namely “mac ‘n’ cheese, Shepherd’s pie and rum punch.”

So while it may not exactly be the reggae-influenced album fans were probably hoping for, in the meantime, we can hopefully tide ourselves over with some of Rihanna’s undoubtedly amazing fish recipes.

Photo via Getty

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