Multiple people witnessed and videotaped a bright blue, glowing, oblong UFO hovering above the skies of Oahu

Multiple people witnessed and videotaped a bright blue, glowing, oblong unidentified flying object hovering above the skies of Oahu last Tuesday — before it nosedived into the ocean, prompting them to call the Federal Aviation Administration and 911.

The sighting occurred at 8:30 in the evening and videos show a strange mass both in the sky and water.

Misitina Sape, who captured one of the videos in Nanakuli, can be heard saying, “Something is in the sky. What is that?,” according to Hawaii News Now.

Another woman named Moriah also saw the object passing over Princess Kahanu Estates and told HNN: “I look up and then I was like, ‘Oh s—!’ I started calling my husband and them because they were all in the garage. I was like, ‘Hey. Come look up there. See if you see what I see.’ They all said, ‘Yeah!’ I don’t know what it was … This one was going so fast.”

Officials from the Federal Aviation Administration told HNN there were no aircraft incidents or accidents in the area at the time

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But multiple witnesses reported seeing a large blue object fall out of the sky and into the ocean.

Moriah followed the UFO — which was silent and “larger than a telephone pole” — for a mile until it dropped into the ocean. In one of her videos, she is heard saying: “(It) went land in the water. Whatever it is.”

After officers arrived, Moriah spotted a second light, which was white, coming from the same direction as the blue lit object.

“My husband went ‘Look up’ and he seen the white one coming,” she told HNN. “The white one was smaller. Was coming in the same direction as the blue one.”

A spokesperson for the Honolulu police told HNN there was no information about the object, and FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor said the agency received a report from police Tuesday night about a possible plane down in the area “but had no aircraft disappear off radars. And no reports of overdue or missing aircraft.”

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